Should children stay at school in the event of a nuclear accident?

In principle, during the threat phase children will be returned to their families.

Children will bring their box of iodine tablets.

Children will take shelter in schools and other establishments in the unlikely event that imminent substance release would make their return home impossible.

The children have been at school since the nuclear alert was raised. Are they safe?

Yes. They are being looked after by the teachers who will receive special instructions from the authorities.

For how long should children stay at school?

If the population is advised to take shelter, children will stay at school until the measure is lifted by the authorities.

The maximum duration of the shelter phase is 48 hours.


Are schools equipped with enough potassium iodide tablets for both children and staff?

Yes. All schools and childcare establishments have enough potassium iodide tablets. These supplies were provided for in the distribution plan of each commune, the administration responsible for distributing the tablets to the population.

Individual packets, each containing a blister pack of 10 tablets, were distributed to schools in sealed boxes with an instruction leaflet for school staff.


You do not wish to leave your children at school. Who should you contact to get permission to pick them up?

In the event of a nuclear accident the population is requested to follow the authorities' instructions. The measures laid out in the government's emergency response in the event of a nuclear accident aim to protect the whole population of the country. How successful it is depends on the cooperation of everyone involved, including parents.

Children are safe at school and will be looked after by the school staff.

Do not try to pick your children up from school as you risk exposing yourself to dangerous radioactivity.

The shelter phase will last no longer than 48 hours.


In the event of an evacuation, will my child be evacuated with his/her school?

Yes. The evacuation of schools is part of the response plan.


What role will schools play in an evacuation?

Schools and train stations will act as assembly points in the event that the population has to be evacuated in a nuclear emergency.

The shuttle buses that will transport people who do not have their own means of transport will depart from here, destined for the reception centres.

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