Food safety

In the event of a power cut you should avoid opening fridge and freezer doors as much as possible to retain the low temperature inside for as long as possible.

Depending on the duration of the power cut, this advice should be followed:

  • if the cut lasts less than 4 hours:
    • food remains safe to eat;
  • if the cut lasts longer than 4 hours:
    • a full freezer preserves food for up to 36 hours;
    • a half-full freezer preserves food for up to 24 hours;

Always dispose of perishable items

  • which have been exposed to temperatures above 4°C for over 2 hours;
  • which show signs of deterioration (signs of mould or bad odours).

Never refreeze defrosted food.

Partially defrosted food which shows signs of ice on the surface of the packaging can be put back in the freezer.

Listen to a battery-operated, wind-up or car radio in order to keep up to date with the authorities' recommendations.


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