Behaviour to adopt

Electricity and/or gas cuts normally only last for a short period of time and affect only a small geographic area. In the event that a power cut last for longer, the consequences can become harder to manage and can endanger health and safety.

Like other countries, the Luxembourg government has established alert procedures and preventative and protective measures for emergencies.

The Luxembourg government attaches great importance to the protection of the population in the event of a crisis. The management of a crisis involves the entire population. A good knowledge of the conduct to adopt and the measures set by the authorities and stakeholders concerned will make managing the crisis easier.

The purpose of the actions of the Luxembourg authorities is to inform the population, raise their awareness and prepare them for such an eventuality.

Through the following actions, each citizen makes the implementation of the measures laid out in the plan easier:

  • getting to know the plan;
  • facilitating the authorities' actions;
  • following the authorities' instructions.
  • Stay calm!
  • Limit movements to the necessary!
  • Follow the media!

Listen to a battery-operated, wind-up or car radio in order to keep up to date with the authorities' recommendations.

Keep a switch in the on position so you know when the power is reconnected.

Keep in touch with your friends, family and vulnerable neighbours and help each other.

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