Drinking water safety

In the event of a power cut, the water purification system may not function properly. Electricity is needed to produce drinking water and then pump it to reservoirs and water towers.

Listen to a battery-operated, wind-up or car radio in order to keep up to date with the authorities' recommendations.

Bottled, boiled or treated water can be used for cooking or personal hygiene.

Do not use water that isn't safe for

  • personal hygiene;
  • washing up;
  • milk formula for babies.

Check that bottled water comes from a safe source and if in doubt, boil it before using.

Boiling water for one minute is the best way to kill bacteria and parasites.

Waste water safety

In many buildings, waste water or drainage water is drained into the sewer system by means of pumps. If a power cut is accompanied by heavy rain (extreme weather), drain water can no longer be drained into the sewer system. Basements are therefore at risk of flooding.


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